It’s been dawning on me for some time that modern life is not all that good for our health. It certainly isn’t good for mine. This blog documents the various ways I try to find my own way through the muddle and try antidotes for the excessive consumption, anti-environmentism, poor mental health, and pretence of the way we live today.

I’ve had lots of ideas running round my mind as to how I can do this. Most of which involve minimalism, mindfulness, authenticity, nature and fighting against unconstructive consumerism. What I have found useful is to simply embrace the ordinary, to love what I have and be grateful for it. I want to see the world with the same joy that a child embraces it. After all, once we grow up, it’s not because we’re adults that we lose our joy and curiosity about the everyday, it’s that we become jaded by its familiarity. It’s still possible to glimpse the magic in the everyday and ordinary, it just takes a mental shift in perspective. I’m hoping that learning to love and be thankful for the ordinary will bring greater happiness to my life.