Pushing the button

If you were in the position to push the button and launch nuclear armageddon, would you do it? This is a question repeatedly asked of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the run up to the UK general election next Friday. But I’m bewildered as to why this question, above all others, should be repeatedly asked of him. It’s not on the political agenda, in terms of current issues facing the UK it isn’t a priority and yet to a certain sector of the electorate and certain newspapers and pundits it’s a Really Important Question.

When Corbyn answers with circumspection he is heckled and treated with disdain. Why? Yet Theresa May has said she would have no qualms about doing it, no mincing of words, just yes she would do it. Surely this is ego, both on the part of a country that fails to see or accept its declining power on the world stage, as well as that of the person uttering those words. No sane person would be able to predict how they would feel or act in that scenario. Knowing that your one single action could obliterate towns, villages, millions of people. And change the world. Forever. It’s pure hubris to say that this is something you’d do without a moment’s hesitation. Yet, TM has also said that dealing with the North Korean regime is a priority. That would be the North Korea that the UK sends £4 million worth of foreign aid to a year. The UK that sees hubristic personalities in charge of detonating nuclear weapons as a Bad Thing. Pot and kettle, surely.

I applaud JC’s measured responses to questions regarding his position on nuclear weapons and Trident. I’m just sorry that our prejudiced press masquerading as a balanced one in dysfunctional electoral system is too busy churning out propaganda to see that.


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